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We all wake up in architecture and we all wear clothes. The final products we get and consider as a necessity are the result of continous concept development. Each artist’s understanding of space, form, colour, materiality and function could be perceived visually and aesthetically by our eyes and touch.


Yes, indeed. Now do it. How does it feel to touch a specific fabric or surface of a building? Does it hurt or you rather feel pleased? In addition,

how could the clothes you use on a daily basis change your understanding of what creativity and experimentation really mean?

How could elements of a garment and a building complement each other and could beams be threads and pockets BE windows? Could a modernist piece of architecture be remodelled or reshaped as a volumetric textile? Think about it.    

random, not so random thoughts

Fulfilling WEARABLE ARCHITECTURE was a one year long absolute challenge. For picking the most suitable fabrics, we researched samples from all over the world. Same applies to staff (locally) and techniques. Each piece's design is inspired by an architectural element, colour or simply how various details interact with each other. The result is beautifully crafted, draped and geometric designs with clean cuts, smooth fits and textured fabrics.

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