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*before she goes

She Will Never Let You Go, *before she goes is a luxury slow fashion brand, specialising in creating made to order and custom made pieces. We believe in quality over quantity, designed and produced with passion and love. Our vocation is to create timeless garments that will always make a statement, because she will never let you go, *before she. goes, won't she?


Crafted from natural yet cruelty free fabrics, all our pieces are handmade to order specifically for you in a small atelier in our designer's hometown. It is her prime ambition to focus on sustainability not only environmentally, but also socially, helping local communities grow via taking responsibility and caring about the people involved in the manufacturing process. 


Ethical handmade manufacturing on demand with environmentally-friendly fabrics requires longer production process in return for highest quality. Each piece is handmade by one professional using the most sophisticated and modern constructing, assembling and sewing techniques.


Get your wear-forever piece and shine bright.



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